Selección Nacional IPT-Colombia 2021

Lista de Problemas

Ya esta disponible la lista de problemas que deberán resolver los equipos de cada universidad para participar en la Selección Nacional del IPT 2021. Se eligieron cuatro problemas de la Lista Oficial de Problemas IPT 2021 a través de una votación en la cual participaron los estudiantes que hicieron parte de la seleccion nacional el año pasado.

17. Quantum-droplet analogy
Small droplets on the surface of a liquid can exhibit quantum-like behavior in analogy with the so-called pilot wave theory. Construct an experiment to test as many quantum analogies as possible, and discuss the theoretical and experimental limitations of  this analogy.  Can the analogy be pushed to cover phenomena involving entanglement, such as Bell inequality violations? (video)
13. Branching Light
When a laser beam passes through a thin film (e.g., soap bubble film), random filaments of light are created in an effect known as branch flow. Explain the phenomenon. Can one design a medium to produce specific branching patterns? Can it be extended to other wave phenomena (water waves or sound waves), etc? (video)
5. Distant Thunder
What parameters of thunder can one reconstruct from a photo of lightning? How does the answer change if a silent video recording is used instead? Conversely, what parameters of lightning can one reconstruct from an audio recording of thunder? (video)
7. Plant generated electricity
Some internet posts suggest that it is possible to generate electricity from photosynthesis by charging a battery connected to a metallic network that winds through the roots of a plant. In response, a skeptic may claim that the setup is just a voltaic pile, and therefore, photosynthesis is irrelevant. Explain the phenomenon and specifically determine whether photosynthesis is indeed involved. Determine the main factors affecting the phenomenon and optimize them so as to generate the maximum amount of electricity. (video)
2. Pop-Pop away
The Pop-Pop boat is a small toy powered by a candle. Its engine is very simple, since it is just made of a boiler. Propose a boat design that maximizes the travelled distance using a tealight candle. Estimate the energy conversion efficiency of your boat.
8. Heavy Parachute
Is it possible to build a magnetic parachute to protect a load from impact when landing on a non-magnetic metallic surface? How should it be built in order to minimize the impact damage? What are the limitations of your parachute? (video)

Si el número de equipos inscritos al torneo es mayor a cuatro, posteriormente se incluirán nuevos problemas en la lista de problemas de la Selección Nacional IPT Colombia 2021.